We able to supply fuel oil at competitive price and world wide delivery

Below are our procedure based on CIF purchase.

1. Buyer issue ICPO to seller.

2. Seller issues Draft Contract open for amendment for buyer to countersign upon acceptance of the terms and conditions.

3. Buyer issue non-operative transferable payment warranty instrument (MT700/MT760), only for the first cargo. Seller issue PB2% and activate the non-operative payment instrument.

4. Seller sends to buyer, Commitment to Supply and Product Availability in Storage Reservoir, Product Passport, Transneft Contract (to pump product from refinery to loading port), Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice and Company Registration Certificate.

5. Buyer endorses the tank storage agreement (TSA) with the hired tank facilitator of the respective port tank farm nominated by buyer or seller. Buyer has right to nominate its own tank farm. Buyer pays the tank fee to the tank farm to enable seller to Pump/Inject the product into the tank.

6. Seller issue Dip-Test Authorization to buyer.

7. Upon successful dip test & SGS survey, vessel departs to buyer’s destination port (shipping cost & 110% insurance paid by seller).

8. Upon successful arrival to buyer’s discharge port, within 3 banking days, buyer performs Q&Q and makes payment by MT103 T/T wire transfer for the total product available.

9. Seller pays commission to seller side intermediaries involved in the transaction.

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